Sport Academy

The Academy was born out of a need for a controlled, flexible and safe environment in which parents can leave their children safe in the knowledge that they are being well cared for and doing something constructive in their free time. Homework, sport, English, IT and many more activities are just some of the things that we offer here at our Academy.

We have chosen the most common foreign languages ​​in the world today, with an eye to the future development of the global political and economic landscape. The teaching methods used allow an approach to studying that is not only effective, but also fun and challenging. The communicative and associative method introduces the student immediately to the heart of the foreign language, based on conversation and the association of objects, to then develop the grammar and consolidate the knowledge acquired.
The academic program includes periodic moments of verification, intended to monitor the progress of individual students and to identify any gaps in their preparation, in order to intervene before they become consolidated and perhaps hinder their learning.


Our commitment also extends to the diffusion of Italian language and culture through Italian language courses designed for students from all over the world. 
These are early literacy courses aimed at those who need to have the basic tools to take the first steps in our country, accompanied by more in-depth courses of Italian language for first and second levels. In collaboration with the most prestigious local realities, we also offer the possibility of integrating the classroom activities with guided visits to places of historical, cultural, artistic and natural heritage in our very rich region , even through pleasant wine-food tasting tours.


To say that today the knowledge of computers is essential is almost trivial, as it appears evident the need to know at least the basics of this subject to be able to deal with a minimum of ease in everyday life. 
Our experience has made us see how this topic could be so attractive to the younger generation (but who often limit their use to play) and rather a source of understandable but unfounded fears in the majority of adults. 
We have therefore developed training programs which provide more concrete basics, usable in professional life, aimed at those who want to actually master this topic and use it in all the fields that it offers, as well as to obtain the certificates that officially recognize the skills acquired (ECDL -(European Computer Driving Licence). 
Besides these, there are training courses for students of all ages who wish to acquire only basic skills, in a simple, fast and pleasant way.


When you choose to start a business , whatever it is , creativity , initiative and eagerness are certainly necessary skills, but unfortunately they are not enough. Before taking up a challenge (because that is what it is today ) it is necessary to do preliminary assessments of the feasibility of your project and then develop a business strategy that draws the path to take to achieve the goals , learning to know and use all the tools necessary for the proper functioning of the enterprise.
Our school aims to provide a valid support in this phase , creating dedicated routes and providing professional experts in various fields :


• Start-up business • Business management • Human resources management

• Warehouse management • Accounting Management • Payroll management



Contact us by email,  by phone 0965 25000 directly or visit our offices

at Via Pio XI Tr I ° N ° 19/31 to learn about the curricula and facilities available.